Welcome to detailed Weed City Guides!

Have you ever found yourself in a new city and the idea of smoking some weed crossed yours mind? It happened to us many times!

It may be hard to score a decent quality weed in the new city, especially if you don’t know anyone or you’re staying for a few days. It will be pointless to look around the city and waste a precious time you could invest in exploring and learning about the culture.

We were thinking a lot about that problem and we believe that we have found the solution!

We’ve got you covered when it comes to scoring the highest-quality weed in any city without spending hours.

There is many information around the internet on getting and smoking weed in some city, but the thing is that majority of this information isn’t reliable, accurate or structured.

We’re going to provide you with the structured guides on getting and smoking cannabis in the cities around the world!

How do we plan to do it?

Well, we’re checking all the information available on the Internet and selecting the reliable information in our guides. That way, you can be sure that you’ll find the highest-quality cannabis in any city around the world!

Check the guides!

Weed in Europe

weed in europe


Weed in United States

weed in united states

Weed in South America

weed in south america

Weed in Asia

weed in asia

Weed in Australia

weed in australia

Weed in Africa

weed in africa