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Ultimate Guide on Weed in Oslo

Legality Level of Cannabis:

Planning a trip to Scandinavia and now you wonder how you can get your hands on some weed in Oslo?

If you are a fan of Vikings, you will find yourself in heaven when you visit Oslo. There are hundreds of Viking-themed museums all around Oslo.

Also, Oslo has been voted the greenest international city in the world, with fully grown forest just 30 minutes walk from the city center. With places such as this, there will sure be plenty of places to light up some pot.

Keep reading this guide to find out how you can get weed in Oslo and make your staying here a bit more exciting.

Cannabis Law in Oslo

It is illegal to possess, sell, transport and cultivate marijuana in Norway. Scandinavians (especially Swedes) are known as conservatives, but Norway is a bit more liberal. Thus, in December 2017, Norwegian parliament has decriminalized personal use of cannabis and other drugs.

This is northern Europe, so don’t even think about trying to bribe police officers, because you will just get into more trouble. Norwegians are particularly strict towards those who carry around any amount of cannabis or other drugs, even if they themselves have no intention of consuming it. This goes for tourists, too.

Those who get caught with less than 15 grams (which is considered to be used for personal use) can expect to pay a hefty fine, but no jail time. If caught with more than 15 grams, expect much higher penalties.

Tourists who get caught with small possession for the first time can expect to pay from 250$ to 2500$. If this is not your first time being caught with smaller amounts, don’t worry – you will likely be sent to rehabilitation instead of a jail.

Dealers can get up to 15 years of prison time for possession of drugs, including marijuana.

Norwegians are serious and will not make an exemption for anyone, not even famous international celebrities. For example, in 2012, Snoop Dogg was banned from Norway for two years after attempting to enter the country with a bag (8 grams) of weed.

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The police have issued a public statement that they will not process any charges against Norwegian citizens caught with possession for personal use, however, they might have a different stance regarding tourists.

Where to get weed in Oslo

Naturally, most common way to get weed in Oslo is the same as any other major city – city center and city park. There is an area called Grønland, near the river, and it’s where most of the dealers hang out.

Just look for suspicious looking African-American types with hoodies on, hanging around and pretending they are waiting for someone.

Visit some of the local pubs in Oslo and ask around among youngsters and students – they ALWAYS know someone who can hook you up. Just be careful because there are a lot of crooks that will try to play you and make you pay more money for a shitty product.

Anyway, if you are getting your weed in pub, it is safer to get it from pub owner (if he can hook you up with some pot) than from a suspicious guy in a pub.

According to some internet sources, there is a pub in lower part of Grünerløkka famous for pot hooking up.

Cannabis prices in Oslo

If you want to buy 5 grams of weed in Oslo, you will have to pay about 400kr- 500kr (50-60USD), depending on your bartering skills. Prices are high and weed is expensive in Norway, but don’t buy it for more than 100kr per gram because if you do, you are getting scammed.

Hash is a bit cheaper than pot but it is low quality, so we suggest you stick with weed. You can find both high quality hash and weed, but only if you know where to look for. In most cases, pushers will try to sell you bad stuff.

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Other Information

Norway is a country with beautiful nature, and we advise you to visit more than just Oslo. Enjoy skiing, hiking, bike riding and many more nature related activities because that is what goes along best with weed smoking.

Bonus fact: Did you know there is a doomsday vault in Svalbard in the very north of Norway. It is a seed bank which contains almost all of the types of plant seeds on the planet. Among the species of plant preserved in the vault are around 21,500 seeds belonging to the cannabis genus, donated in 2014. This will ensure the survival of cannabis, for use by future generations of stoners. 😊

Anyway, I hope you found this guide helpful. If you like traveling and smoking pot like we do, check out our other guides on how to find weed in other cities.