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Ultimate Guide on Weed in Ottawa

Legality Level of Cannabis:weed legality in ottawa

Going to Canada on that camping trip you always wanted and now you wonder where you can get some weed in Ottawa and Canada?

The city of Ottawa is the capital of Canada and it got its name from the river of Ottawa. It is located near the border of USA and the state of New York.

Ottawa will take your breath away with a magnificent Victorian style architectural marvel of the Parliament Hill. You can also enjoy seeing the Rideau Canal, National Museum of History and Gallery of Canada, and also many more beautiful places.

But what better way there is to enjoy these Canadian beauties and stunning nature other than lighting some marijuana in Ottawa.

Keep reading this guide to find out how you can get weed in Ottawa and make your staying here a bit more exciting.


weed in ottawa

Cannabis Law in Ottawa

Cannabis is currently illegal in Canada for personal recreational use. The country had a complete ban on all cannabis cultivation, possession, selling and consumption since 1923 until 2001. In 2001, Canada legalized marijuana for medicinal purpose only, under special government regulation.

This law is still in effect, and marijuana in Canada is legal only for medicinal purposes – officially.

Unofficially, it has been virtually legal for some time in most of the Canada since the Justin Trudeau’s liberal party won the elections and promised to legalize it. Government passed a bill that remove personal consumption and possession of cannabis from the Dangerous Drugs and Substances Act.

So, basically weed is going to become LEGAL in Canada after 17th of October 2018. This will make Canada only the second country in the world that has a complete freedom of cannabis use, right after Uruguay.

However, there will be very strict controls for selling marijuana to minors and towards those who drive a vehicle under the influence of the magical plant. Fair enough, I’d say.

Where to get weed in Ottawa

You can basically get weed in Ottawa in almost every pub you come across. Pub and bar owners were forced to put up signs on their doors explicitly saying, “We don’t sell weed”, but this is just a formality because weed is still technically illegal in Canada.

Regardless, everyone around here is so chill about smoking weed in Ottawa and everywhere else.

If you do not manage to have luck in pubs, you can always ask around the younger, student, population. They ought to know someone for sure.

You can also find some sellers along the Rideau river, around the mall, bus stations and under the bridges.

City parks are also a place where you can find some sellers, but be careful because they are often sketchy.

Fortunately, looking for “sketchy dealers in dark parts of the town” is going to become history in Canada. As of the end od 2018, you will be able to purchase it completely legally and enjoy it freely ANYWHERE. This means you will not have to hide in your room to smoke weed, you will be allowed to do so in city center and parks.

Amazing, right?

A lot of coffee shops are renovating their interiors and exteriors to create lounges specifically for people to enjoy varieties of this amazing plant.

Getting weed in Ottawa is almost easy as getting a gun in the USA. You  can get it in almost every general store.

But wait, there’s more.

How about online ordering of weed that would arrive to your doorstep? Not just weed buds, we are talking munchies, brownies, candies and A LOT more cannabis edibles.

Some of the shops where you can order cannabis online are:

buy weed in ottawa

Cannabis prices in Ottawa

Depending on the quality of weed, it will cost you about 9$ for a gram of highest quality of weed. Those of lesser quality will cost around 5-7$ a gram.

Regarding online (legal) sale, you will find products ranging in prices similar to what they are sold on the streets. Only difference is that you will know exactly what you buy.

Other Information

Even though the Amsterdam is known as the weed capital of the world, that will soon change and Ottawa will take the crown of the weed king.

Canada is the true definition of freedom in this world and with this giant step they only confirm it.

Anyway, I hope you found this guide helpful. If you like traveling and smoking pot like we do, check out our other guides on how to find weed in other cities.