A comprehensive guide on weed in Budapest

Ultimate Guide on Weed in Budapest

Legality Level of Cannabis (1-5): 

Budapest is the stunning city located on the north of Hungary. It’s a capital city and one of the significant cities in Europe, so it’s not a strange thing that the city attracts millions of tourists annually. Really, it’s a breathtaking city that had two parts in the past – hilly Buda and modern Pest. If you’re planning to visit Budapest, then expect to encounter amazing architecture on each step, breathtaking views, delicious and hearty cuisine and crazy nightlife too. Don’t worry about the weed, as we did comprehensive research on getting and smoking weed in Budapest!

Keep reading to educate yourself on laws and much more:

Cannabis Law in Budapest

Laws in Budapest regarding weed are still very conservative.

The interesting fact about cannabis in Hungary is that life and culture during the first half of 20th century were revolving around cannabis. In the second half of the century, international laws and culture shift changed the social and legal view of cannabis. Today, Hungary has one of the strictest cannabis laws in Europe, and it’s crucial to talk a bit more about it!

When it comes to personal consumption, the laws are very tight in that aspect too. Every possession or consumption is illegal and can get you in prison up to five years, depending on the quantity. For first-time offenders, people can expect to get probation if they get caught with amounts less than 1 gram of active substance (THC). If the offender gets caught for the second time, then he or she can expect prison time. Pretty strict, right?

However, the general population is widely open about cannabis and it’s not strange to hear people talking openly about weed. For instance, around 20% of Hungarians younger than 16 tried cannabis at least once regarding this statistic!

People usually end up in prison for selling and growing the even very small amount of weed.

When it comes to medicinal cannabis, there are merely any signs of improvement or going in the direction of legalization. There are many types of research going on, but for now, it seems that they are focusing on proving the negative effects of cannabis.

Where to Get Cannabis in Budapest

Highest-quality buds!

Like almost any new location, it may be tough to get your hands on high-quality weed if you don’t have connections. It’s the same in Budapest, but don’t worry, it’s not that hard to get potent cannabis as the city is attractive to tourists all around the world. Our first advice for people who’re new in the city is to book or check backpacking hostels around Budapest. There will probably be at least one guy who can help you out!

If you don’t have much time in Budapest and you’d like to get specific information, then here you go:

  • Hajogyari Sziget – the island on Danube river that is the host of well known Sziget festival. The island is located near Arpad Bridge and you can easily reach it out. Also, it’s the place with many nightclubs and crazy nightlife!
  • Keleti train station (Eastern train station) – It’s effortless to score weed around that place, but the quality and quantity can vary. You’ll get approached by Arab guys, or when you see one staying around, politely ask them for ganja and you will notice a huge smile on their face! The problem with this place is that people usually get low-quality weed or they overpay. Be sure to never give money before seeing the weed.
  • Jewish Quarter – It’s the place where the nightlife and young people are! Many ruin pubs, discos and young people. When you combine that you can easily conclude is the perfect combination for scoring decent quality cannabis.

Cannabis Prices in Budapest

The prices averages at 10e per gram. It’s the common price in Western Europe for very potent strains. The majority of cannabis in Hungary is from Dutch import, or indoor grow around the country. When it comes to buying weed on the street, the prices may be a bit lower, but you won’t get anything near one gram for the price.

If you’re a hashish lover, then you’ll have a pretty hard time as it may be hard to get your hands on sticky bricks. The best time for getting hashish is during famous festivals or events in Budapest!

Other Information

Budapest is a fantastic city that has so much to offer! From crazy nightlife to breathtaking architecture and old history. Budapest has it all!

When it comes to smoking weed in Budapest, you should always be careful and use common sense. Police are very strict there and sometimes, you can have a tough time when finding weed.

Good luck and enjoy your stay!

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