Weed in Cancun, Mexico

Ultimate Guide on Weed in Cancun

Legality Level of Cannabis: 

Is it time to talk about weed in Cancun? Visiting this town is one of the best traveling choices, as it is rich with history and culture, as rest of Mexico.

We are sure that you are going to have a great time while partying on beaches of Cancun, or just exploring Rio Secreto underground river and caves, and having trips to Xel-Ha Park, Playa del Carmen, or Chichen Itza.

Still, there is something that you need to make your travel even more special, and that’s why you are reading this article!

Take a relax, because you are going to read everything you need to know about weed in Cancun, to fulfill your travel!

Weed in Canun

Cannabis Laws in Cancun

Cannabis has been illegal since 1920, and for nearly 90 years it was really stressful to smoke weed in Mexico. Prisons in Mexico are ones of the worst, and getting locked there could be worse than getting a death penalty.

Fortunately, in 2009. Mexican government decriminalized possession of small amounts, and later in 2017. legalized medical use of THC.

These laws changes made it much easier, and safer for a tourist to get some weed.

Today, the situation is not anymore very dangerous. You cannot end up in prison for having few grams of weed, and the worst thing that could happen is getting a fine.

To be even better, Mexican laws says that having from 0 to 250 grams of cannabis is considered as a personal usage! Still, try to possess as less weed you can, because if you get caught, the size of the fine is determined in the amount of weed you own.

Because of corruption in whole Mexico, and especially in coastal cities like Cancun, you are probably not even going to have some fine, but you will have to pay a policeman to let you go, which is nearly the same thing!

The police will sometimes even lie to you about the laws to arrest you, so don’t play and always have under 5 grams with yourself.

I know.. It’s not nice, but hey, it is better than having a risk of going to prison.

On the other hand, production and distribution of cannabis are very dangerous, because if you get caught, you’ll end up in prison, faced with gangs that look at you as a competitor, and an enemy.

In January of this year (2018.) tourism minister of Mexico shared an idea of legalizing weed in Cancun, and some other cities on the coast.

There are several logical reasons for legalization. The first one is an income that would Mexico make from tourists, while currently, only drug cartels make money. The second reason is putting down the violence that is spreading along the coast because of gangs.

“At least in the tourist areas, we should legalize the use of marijuana. Making legal not only the consumption but also the production and sale of marijuana would contribute, along with other actions, to having safer destinations.” – Says Tourism Minister Enrique de la Madrid.

Unfortunately, you need to wait more time to see cannabis legal on the coast of Mexico. In the meanwhile, you can be sure that buying weed from local dealer won’t get us to prison, so there is no dilemma!

Where to Get Weed in Cancun

Now, when you feel less pressure on getting weed in Cancun, let’s find out where to look for scoring some!

The weed in Mexico is very easy to obtain. Tourists are usually getting it from taxi drivers and in flea markets.

Keep in mind that dealers are very clever. They stash weed in products so it looks like they are selling random stuff. Some of them are even stashing weed in their shirts.

If you are looking at markets, we advise you to look at places where pipes and tobacco are being sold. You are really unlucky if you leave that place with empty hands.

If you feel unsafe getting weed on markets, or in the taxi, I would advise you to look for weed in the hotel. There are a lot of parties in Cancun, and probably every person that is partying is able to get you some weed.

Scoring some weed in the hotel, especially with help of foreigner is much more secure because there are people that sell drugs and later contact the police that they sold you some. Try to stick with this option, and your visit to Cancun should be safe.

If you still didn’t get any weed, just ask people that are selling random things on beaches. They will have weed for sure!

Cannabis Prices in Cancun

Unfortunately, as a tourist, you are going to pay much more than local pay for a weed. The main reason is that local people always have a connection with someone who is in a gang or has a good connection with the gang. They sell drugs for less price.

On the other hand, those who sell drugs to tourists are at risk of gangs, as they are “stealing” clients to them, and they could end up in trouble.

The first price for 1 gram is around 10 dollars. 10 grams would cost you around 100 dollars. Still, it is possible to bargain, and some readers reported that they put the price down to 4$ for a gram of weed.

If you are good at bargaining, you could get an ounce (28 grams) for 100$, instead of only 10 grams.

If I were you, I would always stick to the magical number of 5 grams, and look to pay it around 25 dollars at maximum!

Weed in Cancun


It is very easy to get weed in Cancun. It is more important to stay safe and to be careful when choosing who to ask for some weed.

As I already mentioned, I would ask foreigners to help me scoring some cannabis. They are not going to report you to the police after helping you to get some weed.

Don’t be violent to dealers, but if you are not scared of them, you can specify your maximum price.

Trust me, after reading this article, you are going to score the weed on the first day of Cancun. Now it is time to take your thoughts on the time you’ll spend there.

I wish you the best time while partying, but don’t forget to visit all historical places near Cancun, as it is something remarkable, and it will stay in your memories for a long time!

If you find this guide helpful, please send us some images after the travel! 🙂

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