Curious about weed in Croatia? Check this guide!

Ultimate Guide on Weed in Croatia

If you like to travel while high, you just have to smoke weed in Croatia. This country is wide known for its beautiful coast and scenery. It has more than 1400 islands that are surrounded by Adriatic Sea. This small part of Mediterenian is just a heaven . Weed  is unfortunately illegal in Croatia, but a lot of locals smoke it anyway.

Getting weed in Croatia may be hard sometimes. It depends on where are you visiting, what season it is, or even if local dealers have trouble with getting their weed.

To keep it simple, if you’re on the seaside, your best chances are during the summer. On the other hand, if you’re visiting Zagreb or other cities on the mainland, you can probably get weed throughout the year easily.

This will be the most comprehensive guide on weed in Croatia you’ll find on the internet. 

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Curious about getting weed in Croatia? Check this guide!

Now, let’s talk about the Croatian seaside.

Weed in Croatia – Seaside

One of the most popular cities on the seaside, located on the south of Croatia, is Dubrovnik.  During the summer it is crowded with tourists, and there is a reason to that. It is just a tourist gem with great scenery, ancient walls and beatifull sea. In case of weed, Dubrovnik may not be a best location for that. If you have the chance, try to get weed in Zagreb first!

If you happen to be a stoner travelling directly to Dubrovnik, or to the other cities in Croatia, do not expect getting weed from tourists. Your journey to success, in this case getting weed, is to meet with locals. Croatians, especially young ones, are pretty open minded and a lot of them smoke weed.

Older ones, especially on the seaside, are pretty conservative and traditional – so think before you speak!

Try asking in some bars, small shops or just walk on the seaside until you meet young crowd of people.

Croatia is such a beatifull place, you just have to smoke a joint over there.

Cannabis Law in Croatia

One big bad thing about Croatia is that it is still pretty conservative country, atleast on government level. Weed is unfortunately illegal in Croatia, and there are big penalties for possesion, selling or even cultivating Cannabis.

If you get caught with weed in Croatia, expect to pay a ticket. Do not sell because you may end up in jail.

Up until few years ago even medical cannabis was illegal.  There are some movements and talks in regards of legalization of recreational Cannabis, but nothing will probably happen until the current head of state changes to other less conservative political party.

Curious about weed in Croatia? Check this guide on getting weed in Croatia!

How To Get Weed In Croatia?

It may be hard at first, but accept that you will have to ask around and meet people, mostly locals. But have no worries, most of the time, they will just smile and nod „no“ to you, or they will either sell to you or give you directions.

Story from our user in Pag, Croatia:

„Last year I was visiting Zrće and we stayed at the city of Pag, that is some 30 minutes drive from Zrće Beach. Well since we are a regular smokers from USA we had to find some weed. First thing that we did is ask some guy selling corn on cobs. He happily said yes and went into his bag, pulled a g out and there we go. We paid around 10$ for that.“

Just walk around, be open minded and careful.

Quality Of Weed In Croatia

Most of the weed is imported from Albania and Bosnia. Croatia is a perfect ground for cultivating weed, but the lawmakers still do not see the opurtunity in that. A lot of the people grow for themselves, and unfortunately they do not sell weed. Because of that, a lot of the weed is low to mid quality, although you can stumble on some OG shit during your stay.

Wondering where to get weed in Croatia


While in search for weed in Croatia, just ask around and be discreet. Cannabis is still highly illegal, but a lot of people smoke so your overall chances are not that bad.

Big thanks to a local portal Vutropedija who provided us with right legal information.