Ultimate guide on getting and smoking weed in Da Nang

Ultimate Guide on Weed in Da Nang

Legality Level of Cannabis:

Planning to go to Vietnam for a vacation? Great! Don’t miss the stunning coastal city of Da Nang. The city is literally located on the coast in central Vietnam and has a lot to offer. You will have a great city vibe, but also, when you feel tired of the city, you can easily go to the near mountains, breathtaking passes and even surf on the beach. The options are countless, but smoking weed in Da Nang will definitely make your experience even more interesting!

Cannabis in Da Nang is widely used and people here are more opened than in the northern part of Vietnam, especially Hanoi.

If that sounds good to you and you’d like to learn more about the plant in Da Nang, keep reading as we’re going provide you with the information on getting and smoking weed in Da Nang.

Cannabis Laws 

Cannabis laws in Da Nang
Laws regarding cannabis are very strict on the paper, but in the practice, there is nothing that few dollars can’t fix.

On the paper, Vietnam is one of the strictest countries when it comes to cannabis. You can end up in a serious trouble if you get caught there, but there is always a way – many ways actually!

Vietnam is still struggling with their political order and they are still a communist country where the corruption is on a high level. A bribe can save you so much hustle in Vietnam and police officers will almost always ask for a ‘compensation’ in order to leave you alone.

Da Nang is a very open and modern city with not so much crime, so police isn’t so much focused on cannabis. They are more focused on civil problems and traffic. We read some stories from foreigners who got caught in Da Nang with cannabis and all of them were smoking while get caught. The police will try to scare you at first which is totally logical as you’re doing a very big offense in this country by the laws, but then, they usually settle with the bribe of around $50 – $100.

Sometimes, they do the random raids of the pubs and clubs that are known for selling cannabis, so they can give you a drug test and you can end up in the station for a night if you’re positive.

Anyway, Da Nang is the very awesome city to smoke as it has many perfect spots with stunning views to chill. However, be careful and don’t smoke in the public as it can be a hustle to get rid of police, especially if you’re not talking the same language.

Where to Get Weed in Da Nang

Best places to get cannabis in Da Nang

Getting cannabis is relatively easy in Da Nang. Also, it’s one of the cities where you’ll have the chance to choose between a few different strains of weed which you won’t see in many places in Vietnam. Usually, you can get your hands on Australian or Canadian imported kush (high-quality buds), Cambodian import (mid-quality) and Vietnamese schwag.

We tried all three common sorts of weed and after doing some comparison we came up with an interesting conclusion. Vietnamese weed is looking so bad, but it’s working. You will feel the buzz and a good high, but as the weed is low-quality, your eyes will feel it! 🙂

Cambodian weed is a bit more expensive, but it’s a good price for the quantity and quality you get. The weed looks solid and the high is similar to Vietnamese schwag.

Next, the highest grade weed is labeled as a ‘kush’ around Da Nang, but we don’t believe it has anything with kush. It’s overpriced and probably homegrown weed targeted for expats and foreign tourists. We tried it, and the high is very good, but the price is usually higher than the price in Europe or USA for the same quantity of so much better weed.

When it comes to buying cannabis in Da Nang, it’s a relatively easy task. Just head over the expat area or walk around My Khe beach. There are few options around the area how to get weed. The first option is to just walk around the beach and taxi drivers will approach you and ask you if you’d like to get some.

We advise you to skip on that as the weed is very low quality and they will always give you a smaller amount than they say. Also, there are stories and experiences of other people that these people are working with the police, so as soon they give you the bag, they will rat you over the police for a compensation in a bribe.

We tried that option too around Vietnam but never had any problem with the police. The only problem was the quality and quantity of cannabis we’ve got. Just skip out this option as it’s very easy to score in Da Nang.

Instead of buying on the street, just head over popular My An expat area where you can just walk around the pubs there and see what’s going on. You will see many people rolling the fat joints on the tables and openly smoking in the pubs while enjoying the music and great beers.

Check out Minsk Pub, Smokey Pub or Crazy Cat. There will be always someone willing to help as you will always smell good weed in the air. 🙂

Cannabis Prices in Da Nang

cannabis prices in Da Nang usually vary from place to place.

The prices usually vary, depending on your connections. Just to note, it’s not about weed only, but almost everything in Vietnam.

If you become a regular customer, you can expect to pay almost the half of the first price people give to you.

Like we already mentioned, there are few options when comes to weed in Da Nang.

The first option is so-called Vietnamese schwag, that goes for the price of 500,000 VND (around $20) for a bag of 10 grams. Expect to put around a gram in a joint to get a decent high.

The second option is a Cambodian import which looks so much better than the first one and you can get it for 500,000 VND for a bag of 5 grams. We prefer this option always as the quality and quantity are perfect for the price you pay!

The third option is so-called kush which goes for 500,000 VND for a gram. It’s pretty expensive even for western prices, but the quality isn’t on that level. If you really want to smoke the ‘best’ weed around here, go for it to see it’s not worth it!

Da Nang is a stunning city with many things to do, try and visit. The city is always lively with nice local people and many foreigners. It has a breathtaking sandy beach where you can chill, drink a beer or even surf. Cannabis around Da Nang is easy to get and people are very open to it, so as a weed lover, you definitely shouldn’t miss this stunning city.

Just use your common sense when getting and smoking weed and you will be fine! Enjoy Da Nang and wish you high-times there!

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