Ultimate Guide on Weed in Hoi An

Legality Level of Cannabis:

Every person who plans to travel to Vietnam probably heard for a small French city called Hoi An. The city is located near Da Nang on the beautiful Vietnamese coast and the architecture is full of French colonial buildings. You can try amazing traditional street food around the city and get some interesting souvenirs from street vendors. If you get overwhelmed by the number of people in the city, you can always go outside the city to the beautiful countryside and chill the views while smoking the joint.

Hoi An is a small city and sometimes it can be hard to score some cannabis around without getting ripped off, but there are the ways, don’t worry.

Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with all the information on getting and smoking weed in Hoi An!

Cannabis Laws in Hoi An

Laws related to cannabis hugely differ from the paper and the practice

Every province, city and town in Vietnam has the same laws regarding drugs and cannabis. Some places are more opened to cannabis as there are many foreigner visitors who’re putting a lot of money to the local economy, so the officials are quite tolerant to cannabis. Hoi An is one of these places, so the laws on paper are totally different than how the officials apply them in the practice.

Just walking around the city, you can sometimes smell cannabis, even in the most crowded streets around Hoi An. The place is literally filled with the tourists all around the world and there is so much money circulating around Hoi An, so police don’t bother too much about the weed, especially if you’re not smoking in the middle of tourist area,

On the paper, you can get up in the prison for having small quantities of cannabis with you, but in the practice, it never happens, especially with foreigners. Police is used to corruption as the salaries are low, so they will settle for a bribe all the time.

In Hoi An, like at every place in Vietnam, you can buy out your way outside the trouble. Sometimes it will be expensive, but hey, you won’t end up in Vietnamese prisons which are really notorious. Also, the police is focusing more on distribution and selling cannabis, so if you’re caught with the intention to sell it, you will definitely end up in a big trouble where the bribe won’t be enough to get you out.

Be careful and use your common sense always!

Where to Get Weed in Hoi An

where to get weed in Hoi An?

Weed in Hoi An is a very usual vice and many people are using it. The reason for it is probably as there are many tourists and beautiful natural spots around the center. Sometimes, it can be tough to get your hands on any weed worth smoking in Hoi An, but if you know the places or people, that process will be extremely easy.

We’ve been to Hoi An and tried some weed there, so we can give you some information on getting weed there. Also, there are many alternative options, especially if you’re flexible with your transportation.

The most common option in the town to get weed is by dealing with taxi drivers. Sometimes they will just wink at you, but sometimes they will openly ask you if you want some marijuana. It’s the most common option to get weed in Hoi An, but the quality, quantity and security are very questionable.

If you choose that option, remember to always bargain for the price, check the looks and smell of cannabis and go to the secluded place with the driver which is preferably not next to your accommodation. The reason for these precautions is following: taxi drivers usually work with the police and if they rat you out they will share the bribe with them, sometimes they put a bit of weed and a lot of tea inside the bag.

Another option, which is better, is to check out the area around An Bang beach. There are many bars filled with expats and tourists and you will almost all the time smell some cannabis there. Just be friendly and approach people and they will definitely help you out.

There is a bar called ‘Tiger Bar’ and if you go there and ask for the weed, you can expect to get your hands filled with some decent Vietnamese weed.

If you’re flexible with your transportation, then just head to Da Nang and get some weed there. There are many options and many strains you can get and it’s only 30 kilometers away from Hoi An. Check out our detailed guide on getting weed in Da Nang!

Cannabis Prices in Hoi An

The prices usually vary, depending on the place you’re getting it and the people you know around. The prices for the locals are hugely different than prices for the foreigners. Always keep that in mind when bargaining as the dealers will usually settle for a lower price than asked one.

Usually, taxi drivers will charge around 900,000 VND for a small bag of claimed 5 grams. You can lower the price to 250,000 VND without so much struggle. The weed is very low-quality, so we really advise you to skip this option.

In the pubs around Hoi An, they will usually ask for 500,000 VND for a baggie of 5 grams of solid weed. We would suggest you to stick to this option as you can expect a solid high after smoking this.

If you really want to score a great quality cannabis, just head over to Da Nang expat area and get some great buds. Da Nang is just 30 kilometers from Hoi An, so it’s the trip worth taking! 🙂

Hoi An is a stunning small city located on the central Vietnamese coast. The city is popular with its specific French colonial architecture which is the reason why millions of tourists are coming each year there. Around the city, there is a stunning scenery, especially for chilling and smoking some herbs! 🙂

Enjoy your stay and don’t forget to light up some weed in Hoi An! 🙂

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