Ultimate guide on getting and smoking weed in Krakow

Ultimate Guide on Weed in Krakow

Legality Level of Cannabis: 

So, you’re thinking of visiting and smoking weed in Krakow? Great! You’re in the right place as we’re going to provide you with an ultimate guide that will help you in getting cannabis in this stunning city.

The city is located in the southern part of Poland and near the border with the Czech Republic. It is a very special city as it has a preserved old medieval core and amazing Jewish quarter.  The city is widely known for its beautiful architecture, but also a vibrant and lively nightlife.

If you’re traveling through Poland, you should definitely visit Krakow!

What could be a better way to experience the already stunning city than lighting up our favorite herb to enhance the experience?

Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the comprehensive guide on getting and smoking weed in Krakow!

Cannabis Laws in Krakow

Cannabis laws in Krakow

Laws regarding cannabis are very conservative and strict in Poland if you compare it to neighbor countries. You can still end up in jail for smoking cannabis!

It is a very contradictive law since consumption is legal, but possession is illegal. Many police officers aim to catch locals and especially tourists who’re smoking in Krakow.

By the law, it’s ok to possess up to three grams of weed, but you will probably face court if you get caught. The good news is that many courts will drop the charges if you had the amount enough for personal use. The number of dropped cases raises every year, but the process of going to court will cost you a lot of money and time, so better avoid it.

If you have more than three grams on you, then you can expect criminal charges and you can even end up in a jail up to three months for the amount of five grams. For more quantity, you will definitely spend some time in jail.

Selling and cultivating cannabis is a serious legal offense there and people who get caught by the officials can expect three or more years in jail, depending on the size of the operation.

Medical marijuana is legal in Poland since 2017., but as many medical programs, Polish program is totally ineffective. The reason is that there is no stable cultivation program which means the medical cannabis is imported and the prices are high for the market. Also, many patients wait for months to get their medicine.

Be careful when smoking weed in Krakow and we advise that you do it discretely and avoid public places with crowds.

Where to Get Weed in Krakow

Getting weed in Krakow

Since the laws are pretty strict on cannabis lover, Krakow doesn’t prevail with cannabis. Sometimes, it’s hard to get your hands on a decent weed, especially if you’re new in the city and don’t know anyone.

Your best bet is walking around the city’s parks and approaching young people with the dose of positivity. There is no a certainty in this method, but it may land you some weed.

Also, Krakow is known for a good nightlife, so what could be a better place to hook up than checking some parties. You will definitely meet some people who smoke or even smell some weed.

Many reports said the best bet is college students. Check out the Wielopole street as there are always some people who smoke. Also, don’t forget to check Art Club Bledne Kolo as there is a reggae night every Saturday which increases the probability of getting some decent weed.

Cannabis Prices in Krakow

In the whole of Poland, the usual price for a gram of medium quality cannabis is from $10 to $15. Depending on your connections, you may pay much more.

It’s hard to get your hands on a potent weed since the laws are very strict and there is not so much weed on the street. Also, you may stumble upon some hash, but it’s even harder to find since it is imported from Africa.

The local names for weed are “Baka”, “Jaranie” or “Staf” and the name for the hash is simply “Kostka”.

Krakow is an amazing city for the experience and nightlife, but getting weed in Krakow may be a struggle since the laws are strict and there is not much weed. If you get lucky and check the places we mentioned, we’re sure that you will get your hands on some. Be careful when smoking outside since police is kind of aggressive to look for cannabis users.

Wish you a great and high experience in the city! 🙂

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